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Authentic in nature

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Authentic in Nature is an exploration into living a mindful, purpose-driven life that is true to your soul's nature and free of artifice. It is the pure nature of creation and celebrating the wabi-sabi elements of life, rather than striving for an ideal of perfection. 

If you are interested in the art of crafting a beautiful and fulfilling life, please join me in the journey. 




Theme for January - Rest


I am beginning the new year with a mission of mindfulness, purpose and flow, and this month the theme is Rest.

Commonly, we begin the new year full of plans and goals, ready to conquer the world. Instead, I'm sitting back and resting, reading, and trying to use the cold as a way to incubate energy and ideas for next steps instead of stressing myself out about what I didn't accomplish last year and why I'm not where I feel I should be in my work.

"Modern culture is often afraid of surrender and finds it difficult to respect and trust in the wisdom of nature, which includes cycles of activity followed by cycles of rest. This fear can create suspicion and judgement about rest, turning it into something we consider to be a sign of weakness rather than wisdom, of laziness rather than intelligence, of lack of productivity rather than a way to regenerate our creative energies." 
- Alana Fairchild, Crystal Mandala Oracle Guidebook

As a "Type A" personality, I am not much for rest. It seems like a waste of time and feels unproductive. This month, I am focusing on valuing down-time and making sure I am keeping open space to de-stress and allow new ideas to flow.


Knitting for Rest and Mindfulness


Sometimes it is difficult to rest because we are used to being active and productive. Rest, like seated meditation, can be difficult to do without feeling like you should be doing something else and having a busy mind while struggling to sit still.

I started knitting again because I enjoy the tactile nature of creating things with my hands, and found it also is a great tool to create a space of physical rest since you have to sit still to do it, and also since you have to remain present in the moment and concentrate on your stitches, it creates a space of mindfulness as well. It can be very calming to sit and focus on your stitches, the texture and color of the yarn and how it works on the needles, and the softness and warmth it provides.

I'm using Purl Soho's free pattern, Simple Pleasures hat, which worked well years ago when I knitted my first hat. It is very easy to follow and creates a soft and comfortable hat. I normally don't like acrylic yarn, but I grabbed it on a whim at a big box store. It does have some wool in it to offset the synthetic feel and has a lovely matte finish. Best of all, the colorway is called "Whisper". Perfect.