Authentic in Nature is a record of my journey to live a mindful and purpose-driven life while celebrating growth, craft and wellness.

As a recovering "Type A", I am moving my focus from striving for goals and the "crushing it" mentality to force the outcome you want, to living a more thoughtful, soul-driven life. Looking back, I made many decisions based on fear and lack while striving for ideals, and in the process only made mess after mess that led me to be chronically unfulfilled, ill and ultimately fired from my job.

Going forward, I am looking to understand what it means to use "knowing" and awareness of my feelings to help guide the right actions, and taking time daily to move my energy to the right place vs. waiting for good things to happen to be inspired.

If you are ready to stop going through the motions of living instead of being truly alive and enjoying the art of crafting a beautiful and fulfilling life, please join me in the journey. 

- Erica